Nikki Springer

Consultant at MugenKioku Corporation
MBA , Yale School of Management , 2018
PhD in Environmental Management , Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies , 2018

Nikki is currently an Environmental Consultant at MugenKioku Corporation. Nikki earned her Ph.D. in Environmental Management as well as an MBA from Yale University in 2018. At Yale, she focused on assessing and predicting land development and industry response to landscape-scale planning and environmental regulation. As the former manager of landscape, irrigation, and erosion services for Walmart’s domestic portfolio, Nikki’s driving interests in environmental management are tied to maintenance of large land portfolios and the role of corporate land holders in ensuring sustainable management of the American landscape. Nikki has also worked for Walt Disney Imagineering in several capacities, from the Aulani Hawaii resort master planning team to the construction of the American Idol experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and stormwater management strategies for Shanghai Disneyland.

Nikki holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from MIT (2004). She has a Master in Landscape Planning (2008) and Master in Urban Development (2008), both from Harvard University. She was the 2010 Garvan Chair & Visiting Professor in Landscape Architecture at the University of Arkansas.

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